We found Land of Dragons!


I found a strange-kind-of-fish somewhere in Pasar Bengkulu river when I took a rest.
It was my first time to see them! They were jumping to the land like frog with their fins. They are completely amphibious fish. It named as “Mudskippers” or “Land of Dragons”. Mudskippers are one of Oxudercinae subfamily (tribe Periophthalmin) and family of Gobiidae (gobies). It has 41 species who is living in tropical and subtropical climate around the world.

As amphibian fish, they’re breathing through their skin; cutaneous air breathing. Their eyes are located on the top of their head. They use their fins as their foot to walk on land! Aint it amazing?

Another fun fact, Japanese eat Mudskippers because they believed Mudskippers are good for pregnancy.

Nice to found you, Land of Dragons!


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